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12-Oct-2017 16:44

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finally i had the chance to watch southpark in english.thats so much better than the german synchronization! I agree; something about hearing Cartman say "red rocket" in German just doesn't translate as well.I am happy to say that a sweet care package is on it's way to you and the brave crew aboard the USS Bainbridge, along with a few copies of "Fatbeard".We hope you enjoy, and please, keep on kicking ass. Garrison's penis-heavy novel is called "In The Valley of the Penises", and he writes it in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" (407).anyway, can you tell me when the next episode of season 13 will be released? To answer you're question: the second half of Season 13 starts October 7th.

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We are currently working out legal mumbo-jumbo and trying to get "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" up on SPS for you all to watch over the summer. Also, a brand new 10th anniversary Blu-Ray DVD will be coming out later this summer, with exclusive commentary by Trey, Matt and some other members of the crew. In the mean time, we've got lots of exclusive SPS content coming your way over the summer. This happens in the classic episode "Two Guys Naked In a Hot Tub" (308), and you can watch the name droppage right here. before Butters became Butters, the crew called him Puff-Puff because of his hair.Micheal Bay made up a bunch of special effects and Mel Gibson was the only one who's idea made any sense.I'm having trouble remembering exactly what the episode was about.So if you're question doesn't get answered, don't feel down. You might catch a glimpse of him with his hood a off a few times, like in "The Losing Edge" (905). Garrison came out of the closet, then had a sex change only to become a lesbian and then have a sex change to become a man again..what does that make him, straight, bi or something else? In the episode "Red Mans Greed" who is the little boy with the name Alex on his red sweat shirt? when the boys finally remembered, he was skinny as hell. i wanted to know which episode Chef explains what periods are through song: "oooooo no, ooooooh no baby, oooooooh no, call me next weeeeeek! I'm glad to hear there's no China Probrem in Shanghai.

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my whole platoon loves u, i watched every episode while being deployed to Iraq... And you're pretty dead-on with that song -- it's a delightful number is called "The Menstrual Cycle", and it has to be one of Chef's best sing-a-longs.

Just to let ya know, everybody on Israel watches Southpark and we love it :). And who the hell is Rob Shneider (Or however you type that); the dude in the episode where Chef took Cartman (with kenny inside of him) to his parents to "expell" Kenny from him... Oh and last question, on the episode "Trapped in the Closet", who dubbed the voice of the guy who "pulls out his gun"? Kenny stopped dying every week because the creators of the show got tired of being pigeonholed into killing him every episode. That's why they officially killed him off in "Kenny Dies" (513). I have heard from several people that in every episode there is an alien hidden somewhere and i have noticed in several episodes that, in fact, there are aliens slipped in at random times.

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