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25-Jun-2017 11:20

And when he chats online with a woman named Ellie (Chloe Pirrie) he can express himself freely, and is casual, charming, and content.When Ellie writes that she’s coming to London, he panics.You know, it’s hard enough being a kid.” Years later, he watched an interview online with a man who had a stutter.“He said he’d gotten to the point where he was able to talk face to face with people fine, but when the phone became involved, he really struggled and would clam up—his voice was on show, no eye contact or anything,” Cleary said.Our new Screening Room short, “Stutterer,” won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film this year.It’s a thirteen-minute movie about a young London typographer named Greenwood (Matthew Needham).

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Like a haiku or a sonnet, the short film can serve to distill a subject to it's essence.

“I wrote the first draft quickly, in a week or so,” he said.