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/ Drew iron tears down Pluto's cheek." In one of the Dialogues of the Dead, Lucian has Pluto interrogate Protesilaus, who as the first hero killed at Troy wishes to return to the world of the living. Pluto assures him that death will reunite them someday, but Protesilaus argues that Pluto himself should understand love and its impatience, and reminds the king of his grant to Orpheus and to Alcestis, who took her husband's place in death and then was permitted at the insistence of Heracles to return to him.When Persephone intercedes for the dead warrior, Pluto grants the request at once, though allowing only one day for the reunion.This is because everything is born of the earth and returns to it again." The geographer Strabo (1st century) makes a distinction between Pluto and Hades.In writing of the mineral wealth of ancient Iberia (Roman Spain), he says that among the Turdetani, it is "Pluto, and not Hades, who inhabits the region down below." The best-known myth involving Pluto or Hades is the abduction of Persephone, also known as Kore ("the Maiden").

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Cicero identifies Pluto with Dis, explaining that "The earth in all its power and plenty is sacred to Father Dis, a name which is the same as Dives, 'The Wealthy One,' as is the Greek Plouton.Unlike his freely procreating brothers Zeus and Poseidon, Pluto is monogamous, and is rarely said to have children.The lack of a clear distinction between Pluto and "chthonic Zeus" confuses the question of whether in some traditions, now obscure, Persephone bore children to her husband.The male children divide the world into three realms.

Hades takes Persephone by force from her mother Demeter, with the consent of Zeus.

239–169 BCE), the leading figure in the Hellenization of Latin literature, Pluto was considered a Greek god to be explained in terms of his Roman equivalents Dis Pater and Orcus.