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I was trying to make as much noise sucking his cock as possible knowing that's what I like when I have someone sucking my cock. I had been sucking for several minutes but I would have blown him all day if that is what made him happy."You queer. You fag...swallow my cream..." I could feel his cock start to expand. I started to really bob on his cock and moan louder. The kind of orgasm that takes forever to finally explode but when it does, it makes you week in the knees. His cream tasted so good and I milked his cock with my hand to get every drop I could. I was shaking due to the excitement and idea of doing another thing I knew I shouldn't have been doing. As I slurped at his cock, Sean had fired up a joint. I can't wait to see how you respond to having two cocks in you later. I grabbed his ass cheeks harder and got down on my knees. I inhaled the first line and an aspirin taste hit my throat right away. By the time he handed the straw back to me, I was already smiling as the cool rush of the blow started to hit me. "Hit the other nostril," Sean said smiling, looking at me with a look that was completely all sex. I looked down at him and he was now licking it directly off of me. I could smell and taste my ass on him, but I didn't care. Sean let my load drop into my mouth and I licked his tongue trying to score every bit of my seed from his mouth. Sean started to rub my load into my stomach before scooping some up and eating it. He sucked up a big pool of my cream that had landed just below my belly button and came up over my mouth to share a kiss with me. My legs were still spread apart and we started to kiss. " I had one hand on his ass and one hand on his cock.

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Even though my cock was semi hard and leaking the whole morning, I was more nervous than ever and I just wanted to get to the hotel room. "Hell yes," I replied, "I am so turned on right now. " Sean said with a glean in his eye, "You are such a fag now...feels so good though, doesn't it? " Sean was naked from the waist down and simply said, " You are a born bottom." "I do love it." "Get undressed," Sean said, " I have a surprise for you..are about to really party!

When I arrived just after 10 in the morning, I was almost shaking like it was my first time again. He immediately grabbed me with one hand around my waist and one hand behind my head and pulled me in for a deep, deep kiss. I can't wait." Sean moved me towards the bed and gently threw me down on it. " Sean was standing in front of me and I was sitting on the bed which allowed me an almost perfect angle to suck his cock. "Actually, last night, I was dreaming about it." I leaned forward to kiss him and share whatever creamy taste I still had in my mouth. " There was no denying it this time, "Yesss..good." We were kissing and my cock was ready to burst. " By now, almost all apprehension from getting fucked by another guy had disappeared and in fact I was quite excited at the thought of more cock. I got undressed completely and lay on the bed, my raging cock begging for release and leaking all over me. Sean talked to me from the bathroom, "I know you talked about trying this in our chats, so I thought I'd continue your 'corruption'.

I returned it and grabbed his ass pulling him towards me. "Dan's on his way, but do you need a little cock right now? I unbuckled his jeans and pulled down his underwear. I love sucking you off," I said as I had finally let his cock out of my mouth. Come in here for a second." I went to the bathroom with my stiff cock bouncing as I walked. My mind was racing as I tried to comprehend everything I was feeling. Sean though, he made me want to totally abandon myself over to his whims.

His ass felt like it swallowed my cock when he took his hit. I went home that night filled with a mix of anxiety and excitement. Now." I grabbed under my knees and pulled them to my chest. Our precum was smeared all over our stomachs and I was leaking like a sieve while Sean played with my ass.

Luckily, my girlfriend was out late at a work function and thus I didn't have to worry about her sensing my stress as I was already asleep when she came home that night.

I could feel my load between us and the lubrication it provided was a very sexy feeling. Instead of feeling like I needed a "recovery period", I was still in the mood and ready to go for more.

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