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I held out hope each year that my skin would settle into adulthood.

And as I reached my mid-20s the breakouts did become fewer and farther between.

What I don’t do much anymore is go to great lengths to conceal my natural skin, aside from some redness-balancing moisturizer and translucent powder.

I will always long for a flawless complexion, but I’m not willing to battle forever in Sisyphean pursuit of that elusive, genetically unlikely Moby Dick. Maybe I’m flaunting my enlarged pores in the face of the patriarchy like the combination-skinned feminist I am! I want to greet the day with my shiny forehead and blemished chin and say, proudly — to my husband, to Beyoncé, to the world!

"I could not honestly paint you," he said to them, "a very rosy picture of your future in Britain." That was straightforward. They would see the scars of war wounds that are still bleeding. It is left to you to win the respect of all those you come across and do your utmost to succeed in whatever sphere you may be placed." Flight Lieutenant Smythe had arranged the immigrants into three groups during the voyage; those who had friends to go to, and some prospect of a job; those, ex-Service men all, who wished to rejoin the Army or the Air Force; and those with neither friends nor prospects. The Ministry of Labour sent a regional welfare officer and twenty assistants. Isaacs said in the House recently, "I consider that those who organised the movement of these people to this country did them a disservice in not letting us know." However, one could discover no evidence of 'organisation.' They had seen the advertisement of the shipping company in their local papers - a thousand berths on the troop decks vacant, £28 each - found the money, and in due time embarked with high hopes. They spoke independently, but unanimously, of a blight that has come upon the West Indies since those who served America and Britain during the war returned home. But the average working-class family, where the father is lucky enough to be in work, gets between £4 and £5 a week. They are, then, as heterodox a collection of humanity as one might find. Many are "serious-minded persons" anxious to succeed.

There was no band, certainly, to greet the immigrants at Tilbury; but it was a welcome and, for officialdom, a warm welcome. What manner of men are these the Empire Windrush has brought to Britain? Most of the married men have left their wives and children at home, and hope to send for them later. Two of the wives are Englishwomen who followed their husbands to Jamaica and now return with them to England. Doreen Zayne, formerly, and soon to be once more, of Blackpool, confessed that she did not care for Jamaica and was glad to be home again. No doubt the folk poets will find fit audiences somewhere.

It was curiously touching to walk along the landing-stage in the grey light of early morning and see against the white walls of the ship row upon row of dark, pensive faces looking down upon England, most of them for the first time.My makeup was so thick that it cracked when I smiled.Ironically, my date’s face was beet red the entire night.Had they thought England a golden land in a golden age?

Some had, with their quaint amalgam of American optimism and African innocence.But they never stopped entirely, and I never stopped covering them.

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