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28-Jul-2017 16:04

Nonetheless, the kiss certainly took this episode up a notch while the challenges brought it down a couple.

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Right off the bat, the teams were shown dogs and each team had to pick one, from a tiny non-masculine Chihuahua to the ever so masculine but not as cute slobbering dog.

Mario seemed to have the best pick, since his dog was cute and not emasculating, but at the challenge, the dog seemed to come into play very little.

It came down to the wire but Nate edged out Mario just barely.

This challenge seemed out of place since they already aired a challenge which involved approaching random women for phone numbers, with the very first challenge of the show.

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With only one hour to build the house, it definitely was a tough challenge, but again, this task didn't really challenge the girls' brains so much as their ability to hit a nail with a hammer. Niels, what from your makeover are you sticking with?